This offer is open to existing guests of Naya Fresh Body Spa who have received services from us in the past. This offer is not open to new guests.

We want to know about your experience with us and we want other people to know too. We have created this offer to find out. Here are the two steps:

1. Complete a review of us on one of the following sites:

Trip Advisor (Click Write A Review)
Facebook (Scroll down to Reviews on the right side of the screen)
Google+ (Click on the edit Pencil to write a review)
Yelp (Click on Write a Review)
Spa Finder (Click on Write a Review)
- Other - If you have somewhere else you like to place reviews, go for it!!

2. Give Us The Details:

Please Complete This Form and we will call you, or you can call us at (818) 341-8888.

Restrictions (Sorry, we have to put some rules in place to help us manage this. Please understand we love doing what we do and these restrictions help us continue to do it).

  • Limited time offer, which we may cancel at any time
  • Cannot be combined with other offers, promotions or anything else we don't want to do
  • Offer good on full priced services only (no, you can't use this on packages, discounted enhancements, discounted waxing combinations, or anything we have listed as less in one place and more in another)
  • Per our Policy, you cannot use Spa Finder, Spa Wish, Spa Week or Aveda Gift Certificates (these are promotional offers)
  • Each review can be redeemed for one service (i.e. one review = one service with 10% discount, two reviews = two services with 10% discount, etc...)
  • Open to existing guests only
  • Already existing reviews are not eligible
  • Multiple reviews on one site are not eligible
  • We reserve the right to change this at any time and on the fly, as we see fit

With Love,

~ Naya Spa