Day Spa



Day Spa Packages


Mamma Mia

$ 350
90 Minutes
  • ✓ Stress-Fix Massage
  • ✓ Standard Hydrafacial
  • ✓ Eco-Fin Hand or Foot Treatment
  • ✓ Scalp Massage
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Elemental Spa

$ 302
90 Minutes
  • ✓ Custom Massage
  • ✓ Standard Hydrafacial
  • ✓ Eco-Fin Hand or Foot Treatment
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Over The Moon

$ 405
140 Minutes
  • ✓ Custom Massage
  • ✓ Scalp Massage
  • ✓ Eco Friendly Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment
  • ✓ Hydrafacial - The Works
  • ✓ Hydrafacial - LED Therapy
  • ✓ Hydrafacial - Lymphatic Drainage
  • ✓ Brightening Serum
  • ✓ Anti-Aging Serum
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Hydrofacial – The Standard

The Best Skin of Your Life.

Deeply cleanse, extract, peel (Glycolic Acid) and hydrate the skin through our super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

30 minutes   $185

Hydrofacial – The Works

The ultimate Hydrofacial experience! It includes:

✓ Standard Hydrofacial
✓ Lymphatic Drainage
✓ LED Light Therapy – Choice of:
– Blue (Acne)
– Red (Anti-Aging)

✓ Choice of Serum:
– Rejuvenating (correct overall skin texture)
– Anti-aging (to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles)
– Brightening (for softening the appearance of brown spots/ sun damage)

✓ Choice of Extra Strength Glycolic peel (per aesthetician discretion)

50 minutes   $250


Waxing Add-Ons (+):Upgrade $
+ Brow$35.00
+ Chin$17.50
+ Full Face$65.00
+ Lip$17.50
+ Sideburns/Cheeks$35.00


Therapeutic Facial

At Naya Aesthetics, our 50-minute Therapeutic Facial is designed to soothe and rejuvenate. Enjoy a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, personalized mask, and relaxation, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized. Experience the ultimate in skincare therapy.

50 minutes   $150

Signature Facial

Experience the ultimate pampering with our 80-minute Signature Facial at Naya Aesthetics. Indulge in a comprehensive treatment that includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, customized mask, extractions, massage, and a luxurious finishing touch. Reveal your radiant, rejuvenated, and glowing complexion.

80 minutes   $200

Dermaplane – Express

Experience a rejuvenating 30-minute express dermaplane facial, swiftly removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz for instantly smoother, radiant skin. A quick, refreshing skincare indulgence for a vibrant complexion.

30 minutes   $97.50

Dermaplane – Pro

Indulge in a luxurious 50-minute dermaplaning treatment, where a skilled esthetician delicately exfoliates your skin, eliminating dead cells and peach fuzz. Revel in a revitalized complexion, enhanced product absorption, and a radiant, smooth visage.

80 minutes   $200

Mini Facial

Experience a rejuvenating 45-minute mini facial, tailored to your skin’s needs. Enjoy a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, customized mask, and hydrating finish. Achieve a refreshed, glowing complexion in a shorter pampering session.

45 minutes   $135

Teen Facial

Our 30-minute teen facial is specially designed for youthful skin. It includes a gentle cleanse, targeted extraction of impurities, and a soothing mask. Ideal for addressing adolescent skincare concerns while promoting a fresh, clear complexion.

30 minutes   $97.50

Back Facial

Our 40-minute Back Facial is a soothing and effective treatment. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a purifying mask to target blemishes and congestion on your back. Relax and leave with smoother, clearer skin.

40 minutes   $124

Brazilian Facial

Our 45-minute Brazilian Facial is designed for intimate skincare. Experience gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and a hydrating mask specifically tailored to the delicate skin in the Brazilian area. Leave feeling refreshed, smooth, and confident.

45 minutes   $135

Elevate your facial experience with a quick, 10-minute Dermaplane add-on, compatible with any facial, even the Hydrafacial. Expertly exfoliate the skin’s surface, enhancing the benefits of your treatment, leaving your complexion instantly smoother and more radiant.

10-min add on – $35

Reveal a renewed complexion with our 50-minute chemical peel. This transformative treatment gently removes dead skin cells, addressing concerns like fine lines, uneven tone, and texture. Achieve a brighter, more youthful glow with minimal downtime.

50-min – $150



Hot Stone Massage

Using warm stones, melt away tension and stress while increasing circulation during this rejuvenating treatment. Including custom aromatherapy, your chosen scent will encompass the senses while warm stones combined with massage techniques ease muscle tension to balance, soothe, and invigorate your body.

60 minutes   $185
90 minutes   $205

Chakra Balancing Massage

Enjoy this complete experience for the mind, body and spirit. Combining multiple massage techniques, it focuses on overall health by realigning the seven energy sources, called chakras, throughout the body. In addition, guests will be guided through meditation to enhance the benefits of stress relief, decreased muscular tension and increased energy.

60 minutes   $185
90 minutes   $205

Prenatal Massage

The benefits of prenatal massages are well documented, and many women make use of them to help relieve the pains and stresses associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy massages may help reduce cramping, tension, swelling, headaches, fatigue and stiffness as well as having an overall calming effect on nerves. These massages have also been known to help abate depression or anxiety symptoms caused by the mother’s fluctuating hormone levels. As pregnancy massages improve overall blood circulation and oxygen flow, the baby benefits from better nourishment. NOTE: Can only be booked after the first trimester.

60 minutes   $185

Stress Fix Massage

A focused full body treatment that uses stress-relieving Swedish massage strokes along with some deep tissue and acupressure techniques to reduce muscular tension and increase circulation in high-stress areas of the body, including the shoulders, neck, face, upper back and forearms‚ along with a foot reflexology treatment. You will be guided through a meditation to enhance this service’s benefits and enveloped in AVEDA’s groundbreaking StressFix signature aroma, a blend of lavender, lavandin and clary sage that is organically sourced and clinically proven to reduce stress.

60 minutes   $185
90 minutes   $205

Custom Massage

During this personalized massage, our expert therapists customize your experience depending upon your needs. This includes Swedish soothing strokes to deliver comfort and stress relief, and more therapeutic work like Deep Tissue where therapists expertly use fingers, thumbs, fists, and forearms to stretch muscles and fascia layers to relieve your chronic pain.

60 minutes   $150
90 minutes   $185


Upgrades Per PersonUpgrade $
+ Scalp Massage$20.00
+ Lymphatic Drainage$20.00
+ EcoFin (Ecologically Friendly Hand/Foot Softening Treatment)$20.00