laser hair removal

Why Wintertime is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Not many of us are heading out in shorts in the dead of winter. Even if we are lucky enough to live in Southern California. 

But, as counter-intuitive as it sounds, the best time to get your hair removed isn’t the time you’ll be heading out to get some sun. Whether you need excess hair removed from your face, underarms, legs, bikini line, back, or chest, winter is the best time to get laser hair removal.

That’s because one of the very basics of laser hair removal is that you have to stay out of the sun two weeks before treatment, as well as two weeks after. 

If your skin isn’t your natural color when you go in for your treatment, the laser used to kill the hair follicles beneath the skin will be less effective. Meanwhile, after treatment your skin will be more sensitive to the sun and, if exposed, it could cause discoloration.

Additionally, multiple treatments are needed. Because your hair is constantly growing, not every follicle will be in the same growth cycle at the same time. It is difficult to estimate the number of treatments; every body is different, as is every body area. Starting the process in winter means you will have time for any additional treatments or additional treatment areas.

carolyn pampalone naya aestheticsCarolyn Pampalone, RN, BSN, is a healthcare practitioner, and the owner of Naya Aesthetics and Day Spa, located in Chatsworth, in the West Valley.