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Lower Face Tox To Get Your Nefertiti On

When people think tox, they often think of line-less foreheads and smooth, even skin between the brows. But lately, there is a lot of chatter about “lower face tox.” Here’s what you need to know.

The Nefertiti Lift is what most people refer to when talking about lower face tox. 

There are other off-label approaches that tackle the lower face including the “Lip Flip” [[[link to Lip Flip]]] which lifts the sides of the mouth to give a slight upturn with an injection of tox  — at Naya the toxes we use are Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau.

Named after the Egyptian queen known for her beauty, particularly her slender, graceful neck and jawline, it is those areas the Nefertiti Lift targets. This “mini-lift” helps to better define the mandibular border and contour the jawline as well as the neck. It also helps decrease lines around the bottom part of the face, decreases jawline droop, and smoothes out the chin.

Injections of tox are placed along the mandible as well as the platysma band, the muscles which run down your neck from the bottom of your face to your collarbone.

In line with other tox procedures, the treatment is quick, relatively pain-free, and has no downtime. The normal treatment uses 40 units of tox, but is always dependent on individual patient requirements.


Carolyn Pampalone, RN, BSN, is a healthcare practitioner, and the owner of Naya Aesthetics and Day Spa, located in Chatsworth, in the West Valley.