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At Naya Aesthetics & Spa, we have 2 memberships to ensure the perfect fit for you. Both allow you to come early, stay late. Slip into a robe prior to your treatment with a complimentary beverage  (selection includes: coffee, hot tea, flat/sparkling water or wine) and enjoy our Relaxation Room. Or hop in our tranquil and relaxing shower room complete with body jets and an overhead rainshower.

COVID Update: Our top priority is to keep you safe during your visit. Our lounge, shower, and refreshments are currently unavailable.

NOTE: Memberships are only purchased in store. Please call (818) 341-8888 or fill out this form to contact us.


PERKS* Bring a guest anytime: Bring a friend or loved one anytime you’d like, at your exclusive member pricing. Guest must be accompanied by member. * Bring a guest for free: Guest must be new to Naya, accompanied by a member, and present valid identification. Limited to two guests per year. ** COVID update: Our top priority is to keep you safe during your visit. Group visits are currently unavailable. * Flexibility to match your busy schedule: Miss a month, no problem, double up on your next visit * 10-20% off day spa services + skin care products * Free birthday upgrade or gift *changes seasonally * Discount on all Medical Services * Discount on all Medical Products * Chocolate and wine service, limit 2 glasses of wine per visit*Lock in a low per-unit price for your Botox *Personalized treatment protocols based on your aesthetic needs *No unnecessary dilutions or substitutions -ever *30 units of Botox every 3 months *Need additional units, no problem, add additional units for only $11/unit, anytime *Use Brilliant Distinctions points on any additional units or Juvederm & Kybella only *$50 off for every $500 spent on additional medical services (Dermal Filler, PDO Threads, Radio Frequency, Skin Tightening, Microneedling, and more) *10% off retail medical skincare
DETAILS* 12 month agreement * Benefits do not expire as long as membership is maintained in good standing * Memberships based on Custom Massage and Custom Facial* * ** COVID update: Custom Facials will not be provided currently due to the steam’s aerosol component adding an increased the risk of contagion. Hydrafacial is offered at this time as a special $20 upgrade (normally $50). * Day spa service upgrades available with membership discount * Monthly membership dues cannot be used toward medical procedures * Non transferable * Non refundable*12 month agreement *Monthly recurring payments until your membership expires or is terminated upon 1 year completion *Eligible for first treatment after 3 monthly payments *Any treatments prior to the 3 months of payments will be discounted to $11/unit *If you must reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a $50 late cancellation fee *Must use all units per quarter (once in 3 months) in one visit *Expired or terminated memberships forfeit all remaining benefits *Benefits are active and ready when when you are up-to-date on your payments *Non transferable