Annual Memberships

All our members receive exclusive member-only pricing on all medical treatments, spa services, and products. Simply select an amount you would like to accrue in your Naya account each month and apply that credit any time you visit! No fees. 100% of your monthly contribution is accrued and can be used towards any services we offer.

$120 / Month or $1,440 / YearMembership Pricing:
+ $10/unit Jeuveau & Xeomin
+ $11/unit Dysport
+ $12/unit Botox
+ $100 off each syringe of filler
+ $50 off each vial of Sculptra
+ 20% off all products and services, including Lasers, PDO Threads, Body Sculpting & more
$175 / Month or $2,100 / YearMembership and PLUS pricing:
+ $150 Trim/Tite/Tone Session (any one)
+ $99 Laser Facial
+ $99 Hydrafacial
+ $99 IPL Face/Neck/Décolleté (any one)
+ $99 Massage
$325 / Month or $3,900 / YearMembership, PLUS and FREE pricing:
FREE 6 Laser Hair Removal (small area)
FREE (Choice of 1 per quarter)
+ Trim/Tite/Tone Session (any one)
+ Hydrafacial
+ Laser Facial
+ IPL Face/Neck/Décolleté (any one)
+ Massage
FREE B12 or Lipo shot with any service

So how much could I save as a Member?

On average, our Members save $150-350 per visit. But on some treatments – such as our popular PDO Thread Lifts – you can save up to $700! 

What is the commitment? 

The reason we can offer such amazing pricing is by making this a one-year agreement. At the end of that year, let us know if you wish to continue – we never auto-enroll.

Flexibility, just for you!

Want to spend it next month? Or would you rather let your savings accrue for a bigger service? No problem. Spend it however you like, whenever you like, with no added fees. 

Why our hundreds of amazing Members love it

In addition to the exclusive member-only pricing, you’ll already have hundreds saved up for your next visit. That means less out-of-pocket each visit, making it easier and less painful to budget your well-deserved beauty treatment! 

Could I give some of the treatments to a friend?

No. Memberships are non-transferable.

Anything else I should know?

Money accrued in your Naya Bank is non-refundable — your savings must be used for products or services at Naya.

For more information on memberships, talk to your Naya representative. Or use our website to sign up.