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Model Call

Basic and Advanced Training

Are you ready to embark on a beauty transformation? Naya Aesthetics invites you to be a part of our exclusive Model Call, where you can experience the latest in advanced aesthetic treatments with specialized education and skill development for practitioners. Join us for an opportunity to try out cutting-edge procedures at a special rate. Here’s your chance to shine:


  • Enter our model call for Beginning and Advanced Training Classes
  • Selection based on specific training needs
  • Non-refundable prepaid sitting fee: $450+ (Procedure Dependent)
  • Naya Members Receive Priority Placement

Estimated values:

  • PDO Threads: $1,800 – $3,800
  • Neurotoxin: $400 – $1000
  • 8-Point Lift: $1,600 – $3,200
  • Sculptra: $900 – $1,800
  • Kybella/PCDC: $550 – $3,000
  • CO2 Laser: $800 – $2,000
  • Chemical Peels: TBA

Model Criteria

  • Age: Participants must be within the specified age range for the targeted treatments.
  • Skin Type: Open to various skin types; candidates may be selected based on specific skin concerns or conditions suitable for the treatments offered.
  • Health Status: Participants should be in good overall health and disclose any medical conditions or medications during the screening process.
  • Treatment Area: Depending on the focus of the model call, participants may be selected based on the specific treatment area (e.g., face, neck, under-chin).
  • Availability: Models should be available on the scheduled date and time for the selected treatments, as outlined in the model call announcement.
  • Commitment: Models should commit to follow pre- and post-treatment instructions and attend any follow-up appointments or evaluations as needed.
  • Video and Photography Release: Participants must be willing be videoed and photographed during the procedures. and provide before-and-after photos for documentation and promotional purposes. To qualify for modeling you must consent to the use of your likeness for marketing of Naya Aesthetics and that photos may be used in print, on social media, on our website, and any other platform Naya chooses.
  • No Recent Procedures: Participants should not have had any recent aesthetic procedures in the treatment area to ensure accurate assessment and results.
  • Informed Consent: Models must sign an informed consent form, acknowledging an understanding of the procedures, potential risks, and expected outcomes.
  • Communication: Open communication is crucial. Models should feel comfortable discussing their expectations, concerns, and any relevant information with the Naya Aesthetics team.