Carolyn Pampalone

Aesthetics Injector

Carolyn Pampalone, RN, BSN, Aesthetic Injector

With 15+ years of experience, Carolyn Pampalone is an Advanced Aesthetic Injector.  In addition to her RN degree, she also has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Carolyn’s expertise spans aesthetics, emergency services, and labor and delivery. She offers a holistic perspective on patient care. She specializes in natural aging and youthful aesthetic outcomes, focusing on injectables and non-surgical PDO thread lifts.

Committed to continuous education, Carolyn dedicates herself to year-round advanced training. In addition, she emphasizes patient safety and successful outcomes. Carolyn is pursuing a master’s in nursing to become a nurse practitioner in 2023. As can be seen, her journey exemplifies mastery of her craft. Notwithstanding, her multifaceted skills and commitment to excellence make her a testament to her experience and expertise in medical aesthetics.

Choosing Carolyn guarantees excellence, reflecting her unparalleled proficiency. She stands as a symbol of continuous growth and dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the dynamic field of medical aesthetics. Her journey from an Advanced Aesthetic Injector to a nurse practitioner in progress showcases a relentless pursuit of expertise for the benefit of her patients. Carolyn’s approach combines artistry, experience, and a commitment to excellence. Most importantly, she aims to ensure that those who choose her receive unparalleled results and the highest standard of care.

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Carolyn Pampalone RN BSN

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