Erik Pampalone


Erik Pampalone, CFO

Erik Pampalone serves as the CFO of Naya Aesthetics. He brings a wealth of experience in strategic and operational management, spanning over 25 years. Beyond his role in founding Naya in 2008, his strategic consulting has left a mark on Fortune 100 companies like PwC, KPMG, Oracle, Microsoft, Verizon, WellPoint, and Abbott Labs.

Erik has a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of California San Diego, providing a unique blend of scientific understanding and business acumen. However, what sets Erik apart is not only his financial leadership but also his background in cybersecurity.

With a background in cybersecurity, Erik brings a layer of security expertise to Naya. Erik knows how financial assets and sensitive information must be protected. His strategic insights extend beyond traditional financial management, encompassing the critical realm of HIPAA to safeguard the integrity of Naya Aesthetics.

As a seasoned professional, Erik’s skill set bridges the realms of finance, cybersecurity, and operations, Furthermore, his leadership goes beyond fiscal responsibility. His commitment to the community includes his participation in Chatsworth’s West End Art District. That participation involves the installation of the first art mural in Chatsworth on the corner of Jordan and Devonshire. In addition, Erik served on the board of the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council and Business Improvement District.

In aesthetics, Erik’s comprehensive expertise positions him as a pivotal figure in guiding Naya Aesthetics continued success. Patients benefit from his strategic foresight, ensuring not only financial stability but safeguarding of vital assets in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Erik Pampalone

Erik Pampalone