Susie Gonzalez

Medical Assistant / Injector In Training

Susie Gonzalez, RN, Medical Assistant

In 2021, Susie Gonzalez, RN, commenced her aesthetic journey as a Medical Assistant at Naya Aesthetics. Achieving RN credentials in 2023, Susie concurrently delves into the complexities of aesthetic medicine. In brief, she is pursuing basic and advanced training alongside our expert providers to become an advanced injector.

Maintaining a delicate balance between her responsibilities in med-surg and her advancements in aesthetics, Susie’s approach underscores her versatility and determination. Consequently, she has an unwavering commitment to advancing her aesthetic skills. Matching her traditional healthcare positions and her unique aesthetic skills within the Naya Aesthetics team.

Susie Gonzalez brings a distinctive blend of skills and passion to her role. Those skills embody the seamless synergy of medical expertise and aesthetic artistry. Her journey is a testament to a dedication to continuous growth, reflecting a desire to seamlessly merge the best of traditional healthcare and medical aesthetics.

At Naya Aesthetics, Susie is a Medical Assistant turned RN. With the rigorous training at Naya, she is quickly becoming an advanced aesthetic injector. Patients can expect a practitioner with a broad skill set driven by medical proficiency and a genuine passion for aesthetic enhancement. Overall, Susie’s dedication to mastering aesthetics makes her as a valuable asset within Naya Aesthetics,. In face, her unique approach promises safe and effective aesthetic medical care.

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Susie Gonzalez, RN

Susie Gonzalez