Wendy Bowers

Aesthetics Injector

Wendy Bowers, RN – Aesthetic Injector

With 25+ years in aesthetics and trauma care, Wendy Bowers, RN, joined Naya in 2022 as a Master Aesthetic Injector. Her commitment to advancing aesthetic medicine is evident as top pharmaceutical companies actively use her for advanced training.

Wendy plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of medical professionals through her training programs. Those programs focus on the latest aesthetic procedures and have established her as a respected authority in the industry. Furthermore, her exceptional bedside manner, professional approach, and consistent results solidify her reputation as a sought-after figure in aesthetics.

Significantly, Wendy’s journey is marked by her achievements in the aesthetic realm and her proud service of 17 years in the military. Overall, as a skilled practitioner and veteran, Wendy integrates her military background into her healthcare career. Markedly, she embodies discipline, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

Moreover, Wendy symbolizes versatility and proficiency at the intersection of military service and medical aesthetics. Her unique blend of skills makes her a remarkable asset to the Naya Aesthetics team and the broader healthcare community. Indeed, Wendy’s story is one of continuous growth. Unquestioningly, her career is marked by a steadfast commitment to pushing knowledge boundaries and delivering outstanding patient care.

Her abilities position Wendy as a master of her craft and a symbol of excellence in the evolving field of medical aesthetics. Wendy’s expertise guarantees a level of results that sets her apart. Her style promotes natural aging and youthful aesthetic results.

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Wendy Bowers, RN

Aesthetic Injector