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Sculptra Butt Lift injections work to restore youthful contours and skin texture by providing a significant increase in both volume and skin thickness. Strategically creating collagen in specific areas allows us to sculpt the buttocks and hips while highlighting your natural contours. It can be difficult to change the size and shape of the buttocks using diet or exercise. In general, dieting cannot “target” specific areas of the body. A butt lift can make your buttocks fuller and rounder, helping you feel more confident and sexy. 

Sculptra is Poly-L-Lactic Acid that begins as a powder and mixed with sterile water that allows it to be injected. This must be done about 2 days prior to your procedure. Once injected, your body will absorb the solution 24-48 hours post-treatment, leaving behind strategically placed particles of Sculptra, which is why it is so important to go to an experienced injector! Next is when the magic happens as your body’s own natural response to the Sculptra is to encapsulate it with biospheres of your own fresh, new collagen.

To really enhance the buttocks the Sculptra Butt Lift can be combined with the “PDO Thread Butt Lift” to further optimize the results. Carolyn is one of the few providers in the LA area providing the PDO Thread Butt Lift in combination with the Sculptra Butt Lift. 


  • No surgery
  • No downtime
  • Correct hollows
  • Improve the appearance stretch marks
  • Minimize cellulite
  • Lifts & shape the butt & hips

Am I a Good Candidate for a Sculptra Butt Lift?

  • A desire for long term but not permanent results as with surgery
  • Sculptra last up to two years, and collagen produced by Sculptra lasts up to 5 years +
  • A desire to bring proportion and contouring to the buttocks area
  • A desire to bring a subtle lift to the buttocks area
  • A relatively stable weight
  • Patience! Patience! Patience! Sculptra is progressive and builds over time.


About the Sculptra Butt Lift Procedure?

Before beginning the injection, you will have photos taken in order to help you track your progress and identify areas of concern. During a Sculptra Butt Lift procedure, your provider will mark your skin to tailor your customized plan. You will then either lie flat on your stomach or stand during the procedure, beforehand a topical anesthetic or numbing agent is applied to minimize any discomfort. Once the anesthetic takes effect, your provider will begin injecting the Sculptra into the identified targeted areas. It takes several injections to get the Sculptra stimulator adequately distributed and strategically placed, then massaged and molded to achieve the desired shape.

Downtime, results, and follow-ups

The best part about the Sculptra Butt Lift is that you can return to your normal activities and work as soon as you walk out of the office because there is no downtime. Results vary in every individual, but you should see final results after a few months. The duration of these results differs from patient to patient, but can last up to a few years. We recommend coming in for 2-3 sessions of treatment spaced about 4 weeks apart for maximal results.  Additional treatments may be needed to achieve desired results. You will also be asked to perform self massage to the treatment area for 2 minutes twice a day to prevent any nodules or bumps. 

How Much Does Sculptra Butt Lift Cost

The average cost of a Sculptra Butt Lift at Naya Aesthetics ranges between $1,700 and $12,000 depending on the amount of product needed to help the patient achieve their desired results. Your provider will discuss the details of your treatment including the cost at the time of your one-on-one consultation. We offer multiple financing options to keep your treatments as affordable as possible.

How can I save on my Sculptra BBL?

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