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A double chin, a fatty layer under the chin known as submental fat, is a common condition. It might develop due to weight gain, as part of the natural aging process due to looser skin, or a combination of both. Often it is plain old genetics. If your mom or dad or great Aunt Sally has it, you might, too.

Men’s Health also blames bad posture. ”Craning over your phone or laptop is bad news for your neck and chin – specifically the platysma muscle, which joins the two – and contributes to reduced elasticity around your jowls.”

While you might try some exercises – from a “jaw jut” to a “tongue stretch – results from these moves are mostly anecdotal. But they are worth trying. 

Or, if your immediate concern is how you are going to look on your next Instagram post, use Men’s Health’s favorite selfie tip: “To create the illusion of a svelte chin, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and extend your neck forward slightly. Practice in the mirror and make adjustments before you road-test this pose in real life. Suave and demure = good. Dehydrated turtle = not so good.”

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