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Age, smoking, and sun exposure cause collagen in the skin to decline and deteriorate over the years, resulting in a thin dermis, a lack of elasticity, and, ultimately, wrinkles and fine lines. On the face, these lines tend to appear first on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes.

While avoiding the sun and not smoking, along with a faithful skincare routine with a good moisturizer — at Naya we are huge fans of the Epionce skincare line, which we offer at the spa — is paramount, wrinkles are part of the aging process that is difficult to top.

There is some indication that preventative botox — also known as “baby Botox” — is showing signs of success for women in their twenties and thirties. But once those lines are there, the aesthetic treatments that can help, depending on your skincare needs, are Botox or Dysport, or the PDO Threadlift.

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