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jowls marionette lines

The one place on their bodies where most people don’t like to lose fat is on their face. There are several ways that loss of fat, or elasticity, shows up.

While sunken cheeks, or a gaunt face, can be an indication of a serious health condition, more often than not that “hollowness” which draws in the cheeks — as well as loss of volume around the eyes —  is normally a natural sign of aging, alongside genetic predispositions and weight fluctuations. But it isn’t the only way that sagging skin shows up. Many start to see the formation of jowls, where volume falls from the cheek area and shows up as loose skin along the jawline. 

As the lack of collagen leads to elasticity, the thinning of the area around the mouth gives way to gravity, causing the lines that run vertically around the mouth to the chin to droop. Known as “marionette lines,” these mimic the iconic split faces of marionette string puppets. 

There are different treatments that treat the range of issues of sagging skin, from hollow and sagging cheeks to jowls and marionette lines. Depending on your needs, filler, PDO Threadlifts, and radio frequency treatments might help tighten and plump your skin in just the right places.

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