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Most of us have woken up with dark circles under our eyes. Lack of sleep, nasal congestion, dehydration, or allergies can all contribute to dark circles or puffy, under-eye bags. Those conditions can normally be remedied with a good night’s sleep and lots of water, allergy treatments to lessen sinus problems, or a cold compress to help the vessels in the area constrict. 

But a more permanent state of dark circles or the “hollowed out” look of sunken eyes, whether from collagen and elastin loss or genetics, can be treated. Depending on your needs, quality eye cream like those from the Epionce line could be the first step. But other options include filler to plump up the areas around the eyes, a PRF Facial to treat dark circles, a PDO Threadlift to help tighten up the area around the eyes, or microneedling the eye area to stimulate collagen production, are all options you can discuss with your practitioner.

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